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What Phone # to use on your listing?

J. Andrew English J. Andrew English
Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

Always try and use the phone # that you will be most often available to answer. Try and avoid routing calls to attorneys or other points of contact when you can avoid it. If you have a cell phone, use this on your sign and MLS listing. (and phone forwarding if you select this feature) The problem with making your attorney your point of contact is that this individual will most likely not be available on weekends and evenings. (when many showing request take place)

Also, try to avoid putting too many phone #’s on your listing. Ideally, have one phone dedicated solely to selling your property. Thus, when you hear this ring, you know to put down what you are doing and address the call.

How to improve your MLS listing

J. Andrew English J. Andrew English
Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

Directions – give very clear simple directions to the property. Use major streets and intersections as reference points. Use N,S,E,W instead of left and right for turns. Nothing frustrates an agent more than being in the car with a client and not being able to find the property.

Remarks – Use these to your advantage. Do not leave the remarks blank. This is an area where you can describe what makes your property unique from the others on the market.

Subdivision – This is a very popular search field for agents. Be certain you are using your correct subdivision name in this field.

Lot Sq Ft- always give the # of acres or lot sq footage of your property. This is commonly left off of many listings.

Photos – Each listing from Congress Realty comes with a min of 4 photos. Use these to your advantage.  Buyers love to see color photos of the exterior, kitchen, master, and backyard.

Property Taxes – Countless listings leave this very important information off of the listing. If you have the most recent tax statement, be sure to include this on your MLS listing.

The more information you can give the MLS, the more likely your property will be returned in a search.