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J. Andrew English J. Andrew English
Tuesday, June 24th, 2008

The Midland Association of Realtors(R) notified us today that any MLS listed property may not have a FSBO sign in the yard. The reason given by the association is that they feel it is misleading to the public. Midland now becomes the 3rd MLS that I am aware of to invoke this rule. (out of hundreds)

One mistake our sellers are making is changing their phone # during the listing. Anytime you have a phone # within the listing, do not change it unless absolutely necessary. The problem is that many agents print off detailed sheets days in advance. In the event you change your phone #, you may miss potential showings. Also, a previous Realtor(R) who did show the property may have that original # as your point of contact. As a seller you want to avoid any possible confusion relating to your contact info.

South Bay MLS in CA has merged with MRMLS. We will be updating our list now page shortly to reflect the new MLS forms. This will not affect our listings, as we are members of both South Bay and MRMLS.