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Do Congress Realty Listings Sell?

J. Andrew English J. Andrew English
Thursday, July 13th, 2017


Short Answer – Yes

Long Answer – The most common tactic used by a Realtor trying to take 6% of your equity is to make the claim that “discount listings do not sell”… “No one will show them”… etc… The problem with this statement is that the MLS tracks sold data… and very very meticulously. In the upcoming months, the Phoenix Business Journal will release a list of the top Arizona brokers by sales volume… and once again, Congress Realty will be near the very top of the list. (of 25,000 agents or so, we will crack the top 25) So where does the Phoenix Business Journal get their data?  The data is supported by the MLS sold data. What’s really amazing about the MLS in any area (not just Phoenix) is that sold data by broker is searchable. What this means is that I can log into the MLS in the DFW area (or any area for that matter) and run a report on any agent I choose. This report will show me what that agent has listed, sold, etc… over any time frame.

So how much Real Estate did Congress Realty sell in 2016? We are still gathering the final #’s but it appears we will near $200,000,000 mark.  Of this 200 million… over 150 million will be in the states of Arizona, Texas, and Nevada alone.

The next time a Realtor tries to tell you discount listings don’t sell… ask them to provide you with an MLS printout of their sold listings alongside a printout of our sold listings… As more and more data becomes available to the public… more and more people are choosing Congress Realty.

To give you an idea of what a report of sold data looks like… I uploaded the first 100 from the NTREIS MLS system to this post via a PDF file. Note: I am only uploading the first 100…. there are obviously more… This is a report that I ran on myself in the NTREIS MLS for the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. It represents what I have sold since January 1st, 2016 according to the MLS statistics. (Only in the DFW market) (again, I’m only uploading the first 100) How many other agents in the DFW area have closed 100 deals in the last 18 months….? If you take out REO brokers…. you’re looking at less than 50 out of over over 40,000 local Realtors.