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How does someone contact me… the seller?

J. Andrew English J. Andrew English

# 1 question we get when people call to inquire about listing a property with Congress Realty

The MLS listing has the seller phone # listed directly and instructs the other agent to call the seller directly at their phone #. It’s pretty much impossible for an agent to miss the seller phone # in the listing.

3rd party websites are a different story. Please keep in mind that this is true for ALL Listing companies. This is not specific to just Congress Realty. 3rd party websites like Realtor.com will not display an owner phone #. It’s impossible. No company can put an owner phone # on Realtor.com. What makes Congress Realty unique is our phone forwarding system. Realtor.com WILL post our forwarding #. If the seller opts for the forwarding system, the phone system will route the call to the seller directly, similar to an operator.

Why don’t other companies tell sellers upfront that their # will not appear on Realtor.com? Simply put, I don’t know. The rule has been in place for Realtor.com for years.

90% or more of your activity comes from the MLS directly. When a buyer goes to Zillow or Redfin, etc… typically they do their own search, find what interest them, and then contact their Realtor(R). The Realtor(R) then goes to the MLS to find the price, info, commission being paid, etc… and then the Realtor(R) schedules the showing. Inman news just reported that NAR was citing 90% of all buyers who bought a property in 2016 used a buyer’s agent. (Realtor(R)) The fact is… the MLS is the # 1 location to sell a home and the seller phone # is listed right there for the agent to call to show.

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