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Online Sign up is Here!!!!

J. Andrew English J. Andrew English
Tuesday, January 24th, 2017

We are proud to announce that we have everything up and going for our online signup process.

How does the process work:

Online Sign up Location:

When you click the list now icon from the homepage, you simply check the services you’d like. You will be brought to a screen that will ask you a few basic questions. Once you complete these questions, you will receive an email immediately with our listing agreement. You can digitally sign your listing agreement right from your computer. Once you do this, you will then receive an email with access to your MLS profile sheet. Once you complete this document online, you simply upload your photos using our photo tool and you’re done! We will have the listing up and active within about 1 day from that point.

What makes our process different? We took the time to upload every single specific MLS data sheet for every area we cover and every type of property. (land, SFR, condo, multi family, etc…) We converted every one of these into an electronic format and uploaded to our server . No one else in the industry has done this to our knowledge. We did it this way because details matter. ¬†Creating a generic template doesn’t allow a seller to select the details that are important to buyers looking in their local market. For example, in Las Vegas, under the view icon, the Strip View is a very popular search feature for buyers. It is important that our Vegas sellers have the opportunity to take advantage of these types of details. Now, no matter what market you are in, you not only have the ease and convenience of electronic input, you have the same exact profile docs that full service Realtors use in your specific MLS.

What if I prefer to sign up the old fashion way? Let’s say you’re a repeat Congress Realty client and you liked the old way of doing things. Not a problem, you can still download the old forms from the site or we can email these to you directly. The link below will take you to the old way of listing with Congress Realty.