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Online Sign up coming soon to Congress Realty

J. Andrew English J. Andrew English
Wednesday, December 7th, 2016

We are really excited about our new online platform that will be rolled out in a few weeks. This new platform is going to allow homeowners to sign up for our service electronically. This will speed up the listing process and make it easier than ever to get your property listed on the MLS through Congress Realty. For those clients who prefer to list a property the old fashioned way, this option will still be available as well.

The new platform is going to allow clients to select the services they want and pay for these services through a secure server via Congress Realty. In addition, the Congress Realty listing agreement can now be signed right from your computer. We’ve also made changes to our pre listing manager, allowing for larger photos to be submitted than ever before.

In some of our major markets, such as the Phoenix, DFW, and Vegas area, we intend to have online MLS profile docs formatted so that these also can be filled out completely online through the Congress Realty website.

Be on the lookout for these changes and others coming in late 2016/early 2017!