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Realtors Referring business to Congress Realty

J. Andrew English J. Andrew English
Thursday, October 13th, 2016

This is something that gives me great pride. No one knows Real Estate quite like Realtors(R) who live and breath Real Estate each and every day. I’ve written before about word of mouth being our best form of advertisement but this is something that goes beyond word of mouth. We have had an increase this year in the # of listings referred to our firm through other Realtors(R). It’s a pretty incredible thing when you think about it. In the last month¬†alone, the following 3 scenarios have occurred:

  1. Realtor in Phoenix has a sister in Flagstaff that needs to sell their Flagstaff home. B/c the Realtor is not a Flagstaff MLS member, the Realtor told her sister to use our firm to sell the Flagstaff home instead of her company office in Flagstaff.
  2.  An owner of a mobile home in Dewey, AZ gave us a call after a local Realtor in Prescott gave him our information. The Realtor was concerned the seller did not have enough equity in the home to pay her 6% fee. As a Professional gesture, she gave the owner our info as the best alternative to her standard 6% commission.
  3. A Realtor in Phoenix with a Tucson 2nd home listed the home with our firm on the TARMLS system instead of using their own firm out of Tucson.

I know the reputation is that all Realtors hate discounters, but the reality is that this isn’t true. When it comes to their own wallets and their families wallets, many Realtors are recommending the Congress Realty way of selling a home b/c it works and b/c it saves money. We are incredibly grateful and appreciative of our fellow Realtors(R) using our service and promoting our service within their communities to value conscious property owners. It is one of the very best compliments we can receive.