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Buyer Rebate through Congress Realty

J. Andrew English J. Andrew English
Thursday, July 21st, 2016

The idea is simple – When you find a property you want to buy, allow our firm to be the buyer’s agent and we will rebate you 2/3rds of whatever commission is paid. Many times, this will cover all of your closing cost and then some… ¬†What is the cost to you, the buyer? Zero, Zilch, Not a Penny.

Originally, this is something we did for close friends and family members to help offset the cost of the moving, closing cost, etc… We’ve opened this program up to our clients and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. In today’s market, most homebuyer’s are online shopping themselves. They have access to all of the properties out there through Redfin, Zillow, etc… So why not get paid for your research and effort?

Is it legal? – Yes. If you are financing the property through a lender, you simply need to inform the lender upfront that you are receiving a credit from Congress Realty at closing.

How much money can I really get back? It depends upon the purchase price. To provide a real world example… I have a buyer deal in escrow right now. The purchase price is just over 600k. The buyer is literally receiving a credit at closing from Congress Realty for just over $12,000.

New Construction – Does this work the same way? It’s honestly easier with new construction. We have 2 new construction deals through this program under contract as I write this blog entry.

Besides the rebate, why else do I want to consider this program? It is a full service based program. We provide all of the services a typical buyer’s agent provides when it comes to negotiations. We will handle the purchase agreement, counter offers, opening the escrow, coordinating inspections, drafting inspection responses, etc… all the way until closing.

How can having Congress Realty on my side as a buyer agent help me? The fact is that Donald and myself handle more deals and see more deals in a few months than most agents handle in their lifetime. It’s a fact. It’s the dirty secret no full service Realtor(R) wants to admit to… If you are hiring an attorney… do you want to employ someone who handles 3 cases a years similar to yours or someone who handles 3,000? We’ve seen it all. We’ve been involved in every situation you can think of. Most importantly, we’ve seen it from the seller side as well.

How do I get more info – Email info@congressrealty.com or call 800 657 6579