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J. Andrew English J. Andrew English
Friday, September 5th, 2014

As many Colorado residents are aware, the state of Colorado has done away with all limited service listings. This does not affect Congress Realty. We strive to adhere to the new rules/laws set forth by the state of Colorado by performing the following services at NO additional cost.

  • We will receive and present all offers to the seller.
  • We will answer questions regarding any offer or counter offer.
  • We will speak to the buyer broker and fwd all communication b/w the parties during the negotiation period.
  • We will be available via phone during closing to answer any questions.

While many disagree with the rules/laws set forth by Colorado, we still must comply. All Colorado homeowners who list a property through Congress Realty must conduct negotiations through Congress Realty and not directly with the broker representing the buyer. This is not a Congress Realty rule but now a state Law. While I know this is frustrating to many Colorado residents, we must abide by the laws set forth by each individual state. BEWARE OF ANY COMPANY THAT ADVERTISES THAT THEY WILL SIMPLY LIST YOUR HOME ON THE MLS IN COLORADO!!! This is a violation of Colorado law. Every broker must perform typical full service duties in Colorado. Congress Realty provides these services to Colorado residents at no additional cost.

NOTE – this only affects the state of Colorado.