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Congress Realty Listings on Television

J. Andrew English J. Andrew English

Realtor.com has acquired their own channel through Cox Communications and will be featuring various properties over the course of the upcoming weeks. Congress Realty properties have been selected to appear and will appear on channel 2616.

How can I get my property on the Realtor.com TV channel? Realtor.com does select various properties on their own and features these properties at no cost. Realtor.com has just selected two of our Vegas listings to appear and they will run through Sept 22nd on the Realtor.com channel at no cost to these homeowners.

If I am not selected by Realtor.com, can I still get my property on the Realtor.com channel? Yes, you can. We are working with Realtor.com to determine exactly what the cost will be, however, they are going to sell this feature to individual listings. The ads will run for one month on the Realtor.com channel.


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