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Congress Realty Reviews – Online reviews

J. Andrew English J. Andrew English

Unfortunately, not all online reviews are legitimate. Some companies produce fake reviews for themselves and other companies can be the victims of slander or false/misleading reviews. As a consumer, it’s difficult to decipher what it is real and what is not.

So how can I find out about a company? Word of mouth from your peers is still the best method in my mind. It’s certainly fine to mix in online reviews…but remember…online reviewers are essentially anonymous. The reviewer does not have to be accountable to anyone.

We receive countless emails and letters thanking us for our services after a closing. These are extremely important to us and we appreciate them greatly, but we rarely publish these. It’s one thing as a company that I want to improve on. Ideally, I want to start publishing emails/letters so that more people can see definitive proof of what we have to offer here at Congress Realty. An example from this week is attached.





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