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EA versus ER listings

J. Andrew English J. Andrew English

EA listings are the absolute kiss of death for any seller. Under no circumstance do you want your listing to show EA status in the MLS. It is imperative that your listing be an ER listing in order for other brokers to feel comfortable showing and selling your listing.


EA  – Exclusive Agency

ER – Exclusive Right

If you were to list your property with any local full service brokerage, the listing would always appear as an ER listing. A full service brokerage would almost never list any property under EA status. Most MLS’s set the default search to exclude EA listings. This means that a broker has to go into the search module and physically add EA listings to their search in order to see EA listings. Lastly, Realtors(R) are creatures of habit. They don’t like change. Realtors(R) are used to seeing the ER status and understanding what it means. They feel comfortable with the status b/c they have shown and sold ER listings before.


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