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The best way to return my MLS paperwork?

J. Andrew English J. Andrew English

The easiest and best way to return your MLS paperwork is via email to info@congressrealty.com. You can email your documents and photos all at the same time.

What format is preferred?

Typically, any format will work, however, PDF for the listing documents and jpegs for the photos is preferred.

Do you have file size restrictions?

We do not.

How will you know my paperwork is for my account?

Everything we need to create your account is included within your listing agreement.

Is there anything else I should know?

If you choose to fax the documents, no problem. It is not a bad idea to give us a call to ensure we have them after you send the fax. This is especially true if you are faxing the documents from a public location. (such as a Kinkos)

I don’t want to include my payment info when I email the documents.

No problem. Email the docs with a note that you will call us with the payment info at a later time.

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