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Alaska, Texas, Colorado, and Idaho

J. Andrew English J. Andrew English
Tuesday, September 18th, 2012

Alaska, Texas, Colorado, and Idaho have very strict rules concerning how an offer is presented when the offer involves a Realtor(R) representing the buyer. Basically, the listing brokerage can not force the other agent to present an offer to the seller. What makes Congress Realty different is that we give Realtors(R) the option to fax/email the offer to Congress Realty and we will forward this to the seller as an email. The other option for the Buyer’s Realtor(R) is that they can present the offer to the seller if they wish/prefer. We are obsessed with making other Realtors(R) comfortable when it comes to showing our listings and presenting offers.

Why do we do it and why is this important to the seller?

It’s not an accident our listings sell and other flat fee companies can’t sell listings. By making other Realtors(R) comfortable, they are more likely to show and sell our listings. They know if something goes wrong in a transaction, they can pick up the phone and talk to the listing broker. We return calls to Realtors(R) unlike every other discount brokerage I know of. While rare, when a Realtor(R) does call us, we call them back. As a seller, this is important. Flat Fee Companies that list a property in the MLS and then completely disappear risk being treated “differently” by other full service Realtors(R). Simply put, by making other Realtors(R) happy to work with us, the seller benefits.

Any advice on this topic for sellers?

Yes, remember, the goal is to sell your property. It doesn’t matter if the Realtor(R) presents the offer to Congress Realty or yourself directly. We do not charge you for this service, thus, if a Realtor(R) wants to present the offer to Congress Realty, let them. The goal is to sell the property, not to make the Realtor(R) representing the buyer uncomfortable. Let them do whatever makes them happy and then go from there. If the Realtors(R) wants to meet the seller in person and present the offer, Fantastic, if not, we will fwd the offer to the seller via email as a PDF file upon receipt.

How often do you forward offers?

Literally, 7 days a week. If an offer comes into our office on a Sunday, you will get the offer that same Sunday.

How does this differ from state to state?

Regardless of what state your property is located in, we will always make ourselves available to every Realtor(R) to receive and present an offer to a seller. Alaska, Texas, Colorado, and Idaho are simply more strict about the process. Regardless of what state your property is located in, always try to make the showing Realtor(R) comfortable with presenting an offer.