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When do I add my photos?

J. Andrew English J. Andrew English

It is ALWAYS best to add your photos BEFORE you send in your paperwork.

How do I accomplish this?  You can add your photos before sending your paperwork by visiting the Congress Realty Pre listing manager or by emailing your photos along with your property address to info@congressrealty.com.

What is the direct link to the Pre Listing Mang? https://www.congressrealty.com/Flat-Fee-MLS-Listings/PreListing/default.aspx

Why can’t I add my photos after my listing is activated? You can do this, however, please understand that by delaying, your initial listing will be broadcast to the MLS w/out photos.

How do I add my photos if I failed to add them before I sent in my paperwork? Once the listing is active, we will send you a confirmation email with access to the private client area. This will include a login and password for you to utilize. From this interface, you can add your photos.

Why is Congress Realty so aggressive regarding the timing of my photos. After all… it’s my property? We want to sell properties, not just list properties. By adding photos with your initial listing, we increase the chances of ALL 3rd party websites picking up and displaying the listing correctly from the start. This GREATLY increases your positive exposure.


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