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Why does Congress Realty seem more “involved” than other competing companies?

J. Andrew English J. Andrew English
Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

The MLS is a database created for Realtors(R) by Realtors(R). It is there to help Realtors(R) cooperate with each other. We try to explain to all homeowners upfront exactly what the MLS is. Much of our competition tries to paint a false picture of the MLS being some sort of FSBO safe haven. The fact is that limited service listings make up less than 10% of all MLS listings. The other 90% are traditional full service listings. So how does this relate to the question above?

We want to help homeowners sell properties. We are not in the business of simply listing them on the MLS only to see them never sell. The fact of the matter is that on occasion, other Realtors(R) want to talk to us. We are happy to talk to Realtors(R) to help ease any concerns they have. This holds true on Saturdays and Sundays. If a Realtor(R) has an offer and for whatever reason they want to fax or email the offer to our brokerage instead of handing it to the homeowner… No problem. We will gladly accept the fax/email and forward the offer to the homeowner via email as a PDF attachment.

This is something I can’t stress enough. All Flat Fee Listings ARE NOT THE SAME!!!! Whomever you list your property with, make sure they are available 7 days a week to receive and present all offers. In states like CO, TX, UT, and NE, many agents simply won’t present an offer to the owner directly. They want to speak with the Realtor(R) prior to submitting the offer. For whatever reason, talking to a real person who is licensed seems to put their minds at ease in presenting the offer. Remember, the goal is to sell your property…not just list it on the MLS.

Lastly, beware of any company that promises you that all offers will go to you directly. This simply isn’t true and violates licensing law. All brokers must be available to receive and present all offers in every single state. (this holds true for Discount brokers, Full Service Brokers, and Flat Fee Brokers) If another licensee presents an offer to the listing broker, it must be presented to the seller by the listing broker. The listing broker may not refuse to present the offer and force the other Realtor(R) to present the offer to the seller directly.


lntermountain MLS Lockboxes

J. Andrew English J. Andrew English
Friday, June 15th, 2012

IMLS has switched over to a new lockbox manufactured by Supra. These new boxes are blue tooth enabled so that Realtors(R) can access them through the use of smart phones. We currently are in the process of getting these in stock from the MLS and will have them as early as next week. For more information on Electronic Lockboxes, please give us a call at 800 657 6579.

So tell me the truth – How hot is the Phx market really right now?

J. Andrew English J. Andrew English
Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

There seems to be a bit of confusion surrounding the Phx/Scottsdale market right now. Different homeowners have very different points of view on this topic. The reason for this is simple – Location.

It is nearly impossible to buy a SFR entry level home in the Phx/Scottsdale area right now. Most every property that fits this criteria will see 10-15 offers within a few days of being on the market. Outside of this spectrum, activity has increased dramatically for areas outside of the Phx/Scottsdale area, however, we aren’t seeing the same kind of multiple offer frenzy that we are in Phx/Scottsdale. (There are exceptions of course)

What is really nice is the high end market is starting to pick up as well. We are seeing more and more offers on properties in the 400-800k area and even a few in the 1Million plus range. We recently had a listing in Phx in the 400k range that saw 3 offers and went under contract within a few days of listing.

What advice do we have for sellers? ┬áDon’t get overwhelmed and get yourself into trouble with multiple offers. If you aren’t certain how to handle a multiple offer situation correctly…. Call us at 800 657 6579. We can assist you with just about anything involving a multiple offer situation. We can go over the highest and best technique versus issuing multiple counters to find out which is best for your specific situation.