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Congress Realty – A first hand experience from the eyes of a past client

J. Andrew English J. Andrew English
Monday, December 12th, 2011

House Sold, But With A Twist Hyphen Interiors

The attached PDF file is a first hand account of our services and how the process works from the viewpoint of an actual client.  We are extremely grateful to the seller for posting such a detailed account of our process. This blog post gives a very accurate account of what a seller can expect from our company and our service.

Show me how Congress Realty is different from other Discount Brokers

J. Andrew English J. Andrew English
Thursday, December 1st, 2011

Why is Congress Realty different? How does Congress Realty benefit me more than other competing firms?

We are available to help you… Plain and Simple!

Today we received a phone call from a seller in a panic. To summarize, his property was scheduled to close escrow today, however, the FHA certification had not been signed. The lender would not fund the loan without our signature on the doc. I informed the seller to send me the FHA cert and I would be happy to sign & send it back to him. The original phone call came to me at about 12:20. I had the FHA cert signed and emailed back to the seller by 12:34. We beat the 1pm funding deadline and the seller received his money today.

Last week we were contacted by a local Realtor(R) in Las Vegas because they needed my signature on a document to complete a file they had just closed. (on a property we had listed) The agent could not receive their commission from their broker until they had a complete file. I immediately asked for the doc that needed to be signed, signed it, and sent it back within minutes. The Realtor(R) received their check from their broker and called me to express his gratitude. He informed me that I was the first flat fee broker that he had ever worked with that actually returned his phone calls and was responsive to his requests.

The bottom line is that we sell more properties than any other Flat Fee Brokerage. Not just List… But we SELL listings. Our listings sell b/c we go out of our way to make ourselves available to our sellers, escrow officers, lenders, and other Realtors(R).