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Walk Throughs and Inspections

J. Andrew English J. Andrew English
Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

Should the seller be present during the final walk through and inspection? The truth is that 99% of inspectors, agents, and buyers do not want the owner present during either the walk through or inspection. If the owners presence is needed, one of the three will notify the owner ahead of time. As a general rule, I typically recommend sellers  not be present, however, dropping by unexpectedly during the inspection or walk through is perfectly acceptable. (Following the inspector around the property for 2 hours is not acceptable.)

Why would a seller not want to be present during the inspection? An inspector is going to note anything he/she finds during the inspection. Any information the seller provides the inspector during the inspection is not going to change the report. If anything, it will annoy the inspector. As a seller, the last person you want to bother is the individual responsible for finding every small detail that could possibly be perceived as an imperfection. Instead, step back, let the inspector do his/her job, and let the property speak for itself.