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Can I post my Lockbox code on the MLS?

J. Andrew English J. Andrew English

The answer varies by which MLS your property is placed in. For a definitive answer in you area, give us a call and we can tell you exactly based upon your city. Most MLS’s still allow an owner to publish a lockbox code in the private remarks of the MLS. In addition, those that did away with LB codes in the past are now starting to come around again. Austin, TX  for example had banned codes in the MLS  for years, but now allows the code to uploaded via an attachment to the MLS listing. NWMLS  in WA State previously banned Mechanical lockboxes all together but now allows for a variance with written permission from the MLS prior to use.

In short, when in question, just call us and ask.

What does this mean to me… the seller?
If an MLS will not let you publish your code in the listing, you can always include something like…”Seller available at xyz phone #. Please call for lockbox code”.


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