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ABOR Luncheon

J. Andrew English J. Andrew English

I recently had the pleasure of sitting through a Luncheon with about 60 other central TX Realtors(R) and I thought I would pass along some of the tidbits I picked up. During the discussion, other Realtors(R) voiced their likes and dislikes of showing properties. The one constant concerned directions. Multiple individuals expressed displeasure with incomplete MLS directions. Another pet peave noted by other Realtors(R) were listings with no photos. On the flip side, Realtors(R) raved about the attachment feature MLXchange offers and recommended that everyone take advantageĀ of this.

Our sellers could take advantage of this by uploading surveys and disclosures to their listings through this attachment feature. There is no cost for this. The easiest way to do this is to simply email the attachments in PDF format to info@congressrealty.com and ask us to upload these to your existing MLS listing. It’s that easy.

Overall, the luncheon was quite informative and affirmed our belief that the MLS is the single most important tool available in selling your home. Countless times I heard Realtors(R) reference this very same fact during the luncheon. Not a single minute of the luncheon was spent on any other form of advertising otherĀ than the MLS. This 2 hour meeting was open for any topic the Realtors(R) wished to discuss……. they spent every minute on issues concerning the MLS.

Why is this important to note? I listened to 60 full service Realtors(R) re-affirm the viewpoint of Congress Realty…. the MLS is the vehicle that sells properties, not the Realtor(R), not the fancy magazines, not the open houses…… it’s the MLS.


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