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Fun Facts

J. Andrew English J. Andrew English

California Real Estate salespersons and brokers are disappearing in a hurry. The DRE released the end of November 09 #’s earlier this week.  Currently, California has 27,000 less licensees than they did just 12 months ago. If we take this back 24 months, California has  nearly 45,000 less licensees than they did in Nov of 07.

I applaud California for making the information so readily available.  States like Nevada and Arizona make obtaining these kinds of real numbers next  to impossible. 

Right now California has just over 500,000 Real Estate Licensees. To obtain a license in California, after you pay application fees, exam fees, etc… all to the state, you are looking at about $500 per licensee. Now add a couple of hundred bucks every renewal cycle and multiply this # by 500,000 licensees….. 

I bring this up only because I was asked earlier today why each state requires an individual to have a sep license in that state to conduct Real Estate business. Simple answer, the states profit.

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