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California statewide MLS is bombing

Donald L. Plunkett, Jr. Donald L. Plunkett, Jr.

We just received noticed that after less than 2 weeks, the Fresno Association of REALTORS is pulling out of the CalREDD statewide MLS experiment.  This leaves just Madera and Merced County, with Lake County planning to join later this month.  By my calculation, the “statewide” MLS is covering a population area of about 400,000 in a state of over 35 million people.  While many states have talked about consolidating local association MLS’s, very few have had much success.  There are differences between how the information is laid out in different MLS’s, and REALTORS often have a difficult time adapting to a generic form.  Certain MLS areas may have key entries ranging from basements, lake frontage & views, township/range/section, to ground water potability which are considered minor or rarely or never used in other MLS’s.

On top of that, many REALTORS are not comfortable with outsiders coming into their community and competing for business.  Kern County (Bakersfield) has a very expensive-to-join MLS system that helps keep Los Angeles REALTORS out of their market.  In order to do business in a number of California markets, we had to join, learn, and continue to participate and stay current on issues for a number of MLS systems ranging from:

  • Combines LA / Westside MLS (CLAW)
  • San Francisco MLS
  • San Diego MLS (Sandicor)
  • Fresno MLS
  • Orange County MLS (SoCal)
  • Desert Cities MLS
  • Sacramento MLS (Metrolist)
  • and over a dozen others…..

While we think the idea of a California statewide MLS is very excited, frankly, I think it is years away.

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