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Las Vegas Listing information

J. Andrew English J. Andrew English

The Las Vegas multiple listing service is operated by the GLVAR. The Las Vegas MLS does a very good job of policing statuses within their system. What this means is the MLS ensures that properties that have sold are marked sold in a timely manner, properties that show active in the MLS must really be active, etc.. (for example, a pending property can not show active) What this does is help agents and sellers price their property with the most possible accurate data. (and saves agents time by not showing properties that are not available)

The Vegas MLS is one of the few MLS’s left that still allow for gate codes and mechanical lockbox codes to be placed within the system. Sellers in gated communities and with mechanical boxes should strongly consider taking advantage of this. This allows an agent to go right to the property and not have to make an appt to acquire the gate code, etc.. anytime a seller can eliminate potential barriers to a showing, that’s a good thing. The Vegas MLS also has very clear showing instructions that sellers should utilize to their advantage.

Vegas Showing Codes and Definitions:

KeyAny – On E box and vacant
KeyCall – On E box or M box – call before showing to confirm
ApptOwn – No box – must call owner to make appt
ApptTen- No box – must call tenant to make appt

By utilizing all of the various nuances of the Vegas MLS, sellers can actually increase the #of showings on their homes.


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