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The single most important aspect of selling your home

J. Andrew English J. Andrew English

The local MLS. It’s as simple as that. Not Realtor.com, not Zillow, not Trulia, Craigslist, etc…. The local MLS. The local MLS accounts for nearly 80% of all existing home sales and nearly 95% of all home sales through a Realtor(R). Realtor.com, Zillow, Trulia, and Zillow all together combine to account for less than 5% of all existing home sales. So why is this?

The local MLS is a local database for local Realtors(R) to exchange information about property for sale. Let’s look at an example, if I own a property in Santa Cruz County Arizona, why do I want to be in the Santa Cruz MLS if I feel that my buyer will come from New York? Simple, your New York buyer gets online and begins his/her search. Websites that pull back Santa Cruz properties are pulling from the local Santa Cruz MLS. As a result,  thousands of 3rd party feeds are coming straight from the Santa Cruz MLS. Secondly, if the online viewer contacts an agent, there is about 99% chance he/she is going to call a local Santa Cruz expert. However, let’s say they don’t. Let’s say they contact their local Coldwell Banker office in New York. That office will immediately refer the client to the local Coldwell Banker office in Santa Cruz. (or some other affiliate) The#’s don’t lie. More properties sell through the local MLS than any other method of advertising.


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