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Reasonably Priced Homes are Selling in Flagstaff

Donald L. Plunkett, Jr. Donald L. Plunkett, Jr.

There is a nine month supply of homes in the under $350,000 range; this is above the six or fewer months worth of homes that is preferrable but far below the amount available in the higher price ranges.  What we are seeing in Flagstaff is that home prices are adjusting to levels that match up with local incomes.

Some Realtor comments:

“From a seller’s standpoint, what I see in this market as selling quickly are properties that are priced aggressively, that are very clean and that are easy to get into.  A property will sell in a week that is like that.”
Valerie Caro, Realtor with Common Goal Realty

Another thing going on is that people are chasing the prices that are priced at the very lowest levels on the MLS, “You wouldn’t believe how many calls I got on a $135,000 cabin I had in Parks.”
Jim Snook, Realtor


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