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Realtor.com – NAR Press Release

J. Andrew English J. Andrew English

In the past 48 hours, rumors have been circulating all over the internet about FSBO’s and Realtor.com. NAR has issued a official press release putting these rumors to bed. Per NAR, a FSBO can not be listed on Realtor.com without first being listed on a local MLS system. In order to be listed on the local MLS, it must be listed by a licensed broker. (such as Congress Realty or Remax, Prudential, etc..)

If anyone attempts to tell you differently or advertises this information in a misleading manner, please reference the press release below. We know you have many different options available out there in listing your home and we want everyone to have the most accurate updated information possible. Please do not be fooled by any company or individual who states they will place your home on Realtor.com without first listing the property on the MLS.



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