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New Realtor.com has launched

J. Andrew English J. Andrew English

Realtor.com for months has been tweaking and preparing for the launch of the new Realtor.com. (previously available under Beta) Today, it finally launched. The new layout and features are designed primarily to compete with Zillow and Trulia for the internet savvy consumer. Realtor.com has added a few new features, one that allows consumers to track recent sold information, as well as increasing the size of the photos that are displayed for the viewer. However, outside of these two changes and a new layout, the consumer will notice very few other changes. The initial feedback I have seen published critizices Realtor.com for putting too much emphasis on selling Realtors(R) ad space. As a result, this interferes with users web experience.
My overall opinion is that the website will do little to deter web surfers from visiting other competing sites. The new Realtor.com site offers nothing new or fresh for the consumer.


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