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The truth about Realtors(R) and advertising

J. Andrew English J. Andrew English

Every now and then you come across an article titled, “what they don’t want you to know”, etc…. basically, it will be an article about how a certain business operates, the ins and outs… etc…  The link below is a direct link to an online forum moderated and produced by full service Realtors(R). The postings are from typical agents all across the country. It is important for everyone to understand that these are Realtors(R) talking to each other. This gives sellers a chance to see how Realtors(R) speak on advertising when they aren’t trying to secure a listing from a seller.



Sellers can take a handful of information from this link but the most important is that agents are salespeople. Not in the sense that they sell homes, but instead, they sell the seller on themselves – the agent. When an agent comes into your home to try and acquire your listing, they are selling themselves to you.


The most glaring post from the link above is from a Realtor(R) who states: (when asked what he spends on marketing a property) 

“Same here, Zero on marketing. If a home is priced correctly it will sell itself. Over 90% of all home sales are done through your local MLS and by other agents, don’t waste your time with the old traditional methods like, postcards, newspapers, etc… I tell all agents and my clients they need an agent who is experienced, an attractive price and a home that is in good condition and the house will sell.”


When I read the agents comments above, I think to myself, this post is the best piece of advertising for the flat fee model that I can think of. He is selling our service for us by reminding everyone that price and MLS exposure sell properties.





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