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Affiliate Service Providers

J. Andrew English J. Andrew English


Sellers who list with Congress Realty will notice that we do not attempt to force feed other affiliate companies to our clients, as is the case with many other full service brokerages. It is not uncommon for brokers who concentrate on one “local” market to also either own or have agreements with multiple other companies. For example, mortgage companies, inspection services, handyman/repair services,¬†escrow companies, lawn care services, window care services, home warranty companies, etc.. etc.. etc.. These brokers many times have their hands in each of these services.

We feel and have always felt that sellers have the right to choose the companies they do business with based upon their own well informed research. If a seller has a question regarding which title company to use in a specific area, we will give them at least 5 different viable options to choose from. We have no affiliation with any service provider outside of our own brokerage involving escrow services, title work, inspection services, etc…

Each month, a new story develops involving a residential real estate brokerage and their undisclosed relationships with various affiliate companies. Sellers need to understand that this process is still happening. The best thing to do is ask questions when your agent recommends certain service providers. A few questions to ask:

How many of your clients in the past 12 months have used this provider?
Can I see evidence of this persons completed work?
Can you recommend 2-3 other companies that I can acquire competing bids from?
Is there someone outside of your brokerage I can receive a testimonial from?

By asking questions and staying informed, sellers can decrease the chances of being take advantage of by their real estate brokerage.

Jared English


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