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“Million Dollar Producer”

J. Andrew English J. Andrew English


A must read for homeowners planning on interviewing potential agents in the future. The real question is what do all of these designations mean and how do they benefit the consumer. In the example used in the article, the term million dollar producer adds absolutely no value to the client. It is nothing more than a term certain agents use to help advertise themselves. That being said, there are a few very legitimate designations that show expertise in certain areas. In the commercial field, CCIM is highly respected, on the other hand, CRS in the residential field is greatly respected.

So why do agents continue to put various designations after their name on their business cards, emails, etc.. Realtors(R) are constantly tagged in the professional world as those individuals with the highest potential for income but with the lowest level of education. As a result, rather than actually require stricter educational requirements, NAR sponsors many different designations to help hide the real problem. I’ll give you an example, the designation e Pro is earned by sitting through a 2 hour online tutorial. Any agent can pay the fee and sit through the class. The tutoriol consist of right and left clicking your mouse. At the completion, you’ve earned your e Pro designation!

The point of this entry is to help consumers not be fooled by agents. We wants homeowners to be able to tell the difference in a legitimate expert in their field versus a part time agent trying to make a few dollars on the side selling real estate randomly. The terms million dollar producer, GRI, e Pro, and most others designations used in the Realtor(R) profession rarely equate to a symbol of true expertise.


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