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Just before listing date

J. Andrew English J. Andrew English

After all basic repairs have been completed and the property has been cleaned, I moved along to my virtual tour. I had the photographer take 12 still shots and 6 panoramic shots. For the scrolling panoramic shots, I chose the most important rooms in the house, front elevation, living, kitchen, master bath, balcony/views, and master bedroom. As with these shots and any other property shots, you want an abundance of light in the rooms being photographed. Avoid darker rooms w/out windows, etc…

After the virtual tour was completed and extra keys were made for the lockbox, the box was installed and the property was listed on the MLS. I am very particular about about the input of the MLS listing and what things I choose to put in the listing. In order to be competitive with competing properties, I am choosing to offer a 3% co broke to the buyer broker.

The listing itself does not require the buyer agent to contact me prior to showing the home. 24/7 the agent can visit the property at their leisure for a broker preview or with their clients. In the remarks, I chose to write a marketing piece about the views, community, etc… I uploaded the list of upgrades to the MLS by attaching this a PDF file to the MLS listing. This allows me to use my remarks in the best way possible, while stll being able to tell the other agent what upgrades have been added to the property through the use of the attachment. Finally, I uploaded the virtual tour and photos at the time of the listing date.

J. Andrew English – Real Estate Broker


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