Flat Fee MLS Listings in Alaska, Arizona, California, Idaho, Louisiana,
Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas, Utah and Washington

Advertising Dollars

J. Andrew English J. Andrew English


This is a great article for our sellers to utilize with respect to cost comparison. It gives a snapshot view of what a typical full service agent may spend in marketing your property. It’s interesting that many of the websites the agents tout are actually free feeds directly from the MLS. (or in the case of CL, free altogether)

I agree with the articles findings that agents with more experience will tend to have more higher priced listings than agents new to the market. In addition, it makes sense that these experienced agents would have the funds needed for additional marketing. I would like to see a further breakdown of cost paid by the actual brokerage as opposed to just the agent. Many times the brokerage will have various agreements with magazines, etc… that the brokerage pays for.

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