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Continuing Education for Real Estate Agents is simply unacceptable

J. Andrew English J. Andrew English

The state of Nevada has approved 3 CE credits for Real Estate agents concerning a class titled, Real Estate Blogging 101. A Nevada licensee can now satisfy 3 credit hours of continuing education by taking this class. I can’t begin to understand how this can qualify for continuing education. Furthermore, a RE professional can complete all of their CE credits online through a number of websites. Many of these online classes have no exam and no way of proctoring who is even taking the class. (You can take them from any PC)

The bottom line is that this is unacceptable. RE Agents should demand tougher requirements involving education in Real Estate. Currently, CE provides no benefit to the agent or public and soley benefits the companies charging for these CE services. To be approved to provide CE, you must be approved by the state. More agents + More Required pointless classes = More Money.

Real Estate Blogging 101

Approved by the Nevada Real Estate Commission
3 Hours Continuing Education (PD) – CE.3706000-RE

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