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How Realtor® Groups spend their money – Good or Bad?

J. Andrew English J. Andrew English

Realtors® pay dues each and every year to their local board, state association, and National Association. These funds are allocated different ways, sometimes in responsible ways and sometimes not. It is not uncommon for Realtors® to have no idea where their money is actually going. I personally called the Austin Board of Realtors® asking about a bill received this past fall. On my invoice, I had a line item for something I had never heard of before. When I called to inquire, no one in the billing department could tell me what the bill was actually for or where the money was going. Sadly, I wasn’t surprised.

GLVAR (Las Vegas Assc of Realtors®) has done a fairly solid job in years past of spending money wisely. They have adopted bill boards throughout the community encouraging anti graffiti, etc… Other boards throughout CA have spent money opposing increased real estate transfer taxes levied by the counties. These groups should be commended for spending money in hopes of helping both its members and public. By opposing transfer taxes, these associations are taking an active role in reducing the cost of selling a home.

It’s a shame NAR can’t follow the lead of these associations. Instead, they continue to waste millions of dollars fighting the DOJ on issues they aren’t going to win. NAR would be much better served to put this money to a more positive use. Examples include Realtor® education, opposing the new Green Law proposition in Austin, etc…. NAR could do so much to increase its public perception by using their funds responsibly. Instead they waste their money fighting the DOJ and further reduce the public opinion of Realtors®.


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