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NAR and Realtor® Education

J. Andrew English J. Andrew English

First, keep in mind that licensing requirements are set by the state, not NAR. However, NAR has a history of doing absolutely nothing to support more rigorous academic standards for licensees. Understand that no one benefits more than NAR from an increase in state licensees. Here is why, if you wish to have access to the MLS and join your local Board of Realtors®, you must join NAR and pay dues. Naturally, NAR benefits from more members paying dues. The more members, the more lobbying power NAR has for its own interest. (Most brokers will require you to become a member of NAR prior to employment) So, to summarize, what real incentive does NAR have to encourage stricter license requirements? What bothers me is that NAR has an amazing amount of lobbying power; however, rarely do they ever use this for the benefit of the public. Instead, they waste their time and member’s money by continuing to fight the DOJ on issues that hurt the public, not help. To top it off, NAR has recently started requiring that all members contribute to the Realtor® Image Campaign. NAR already has the ability to begin the process of changing the public perception of Realtors®, they just choose not to do it. But it is interesting they are collecting money for a “Realtor Image Campaign”. A few ideas below that might dramatically shift the public perception:

Lobby for stricter salesperson requirements

Lobby for more rigorous audits for broker trust accounts

Lobby for longer tenure requirements for Corporate Brokers

Put in education programs to help Realtors® understand current trends: Such as Short Sales, Loan Fraud, etc..


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