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Selling Your Home In a Market Full of Foreclosures

Author –  Phoebe Chongchua

Above is a link to an article taken from RealtyTimes this morning: RealtyTimes has a history of publishing very pro Full Service Realtor® related opinion pieces. However, I find the article above to be both quite informative and intriguing. You’ll notice that this is mainly a piece featuring a series of quotations from Chris Heller of Keller Williams.

Through her comments, Chris makes a very strong argument for a la carte Real Estate services. (I can assure you this was not her intent) In the process of doing so, she also destroys the typical full service sales pitch of “additional advertising”. She is explaining what everyone in the industry already knows, magazine ads, etc.. don’t sell houses.

A few quotes from the article:

“Nowadays, advertising isn’t really important because every buyer has access to almost complete information via the Internet — everyone can find the properties.” (Chris Heller, President of The Heller Real Estate Group, Inc. at Keller Williams)

“Advertising used to be important when buyers didn’t have access to the property or a way of finding the property, but now buyers can do their own shopping, searching, and finding. They’re going to do that based on their perception of value and how it’s priced based on the other properties that they are looking at,” explains Heller. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have virtual tours and lots of pictures loaded on websites that feature your home — buyers like to preview before they actually see the home in person. (Chris Heller)

I think consumers want to know what they are paying for, as well as knowing how the dollars they are paying are going to help sell their property. Consumers do not want to pay for advertising that has proven to be ineffective. It amazes me that many Full Service Realtors(R) are able to trick consumers into paying a premium for services they just don’t need. (such as the additional advertising so perfectly pointed out by Chris)

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