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Not all Sellers are distressed

J. Andrew English J. Andrew English

A mistake I see Realtors® making today is assuming every seller is desperate to sell. It simply isn’t true. For example, recently I had a Realtor® very upset with me because our seller chose not to counter his buyer’s offer. Instead, the seller simply told the agent she wouldn’t consider anything below list price and to submit a new offer if interested. The agent became infuriated, not understanding why our seller would not negotiate.

The mistake the agent was making was not realizing that this particular seller was not desperate to sell in any way. Quite the opposite, she simply wanted to list her home for sale and monitor traffic and response. If someone came along at her asking price, great….. if not, no big deal. One of the great things about the Flat Fee Listing is that you will not receive pressure from Congress Realty to drop your price, etc… The seller is in total control and can make decisions that lead them to their own goals. In a typical listing agreement with a full service agent, the agent needs the seller to sell the property in order to get paid. It can create a conflict of interest when you consider that there are sellers who simply do not want to sell their property at a price below a certain point. They would rather wait it out and see what happens in the future. As you may guess, the agent who is supposed to represent the seller’s best interest may feel differently.

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