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When Sellers have an advantage over agents

J. Andrew English J. Andrew English

After viewing properties this weekend, I came to one very obvious conclusion about halfway through the day…. Agents don’t answer the phone on weekends.

I found that if I was calling a seller directly to make an appt, they were very likely to answer the phone to schedule the appt. On the other hand, of the 10 or so agents I called, 1 answered my call and 1 returned my call. Sellers who are relying upon their agents to make appointments for them are going to very disappointed when they figure out that their agents are simply MIA on the weekends. I was unable to show a large number of properties listed by reputable full service brokerages simply because I had absolutely no way of contacting the listing agent to make the appt as required by the MLS Listing.

Sellers of the flat fee model can really benefit from this. Weekends will yield more showings than weekdays, if you are willing to always make yourself available, you have an advantage over the sellers relying upon their agents. What can a seller take from this post? Be leery of agents who rely upon their transaction coordinators for everything, as transaction coordinators rarely work weekends when most showings are taking place.

This was just one observation from the weekend and I will be posting more throughout the week.

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