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2 Homes in Boise

Donald L. Plunkett, Jr. Donald L. Plunkett, Jr.

The Idaho Statesman had an interesting article today on two homes: one that sold in five days and one that has not sold after six months.  It’s worth reading.  The one that sold quickly was priced attractively.  The sellers were still able to sell for $64,000 more than they paid just a few years before.  The home that has not sold was originally listed FSBO at $220,000.  This would have made it the highest sales price recorded in their subdivision.  They later hired an agent and cut the price to $209,000, although other agents feel that it should be listed at $199,900.  The original listing price was set based on what the seller felt he needed to net in the deal versus what was going on the actual market.  The eventual buyer is not going to base an offer on what the seller owes or feels they need to get.  They will make an offer based on actual market conditions.

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