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Listed on Wednesday, February 27, 2019 (PST)
0 HWY 112
Tierra Amarilla, NM 87575

Property Type: Single Family

Listed By: Congress Realty

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Tierra Amarilla Land for Sale

Settle in a place where there is tranquility and peace. You can now do it in this 5-Acre Lot in Rio Arriba County, New Mexico. This property offers an off-grid living for you and your family. It also is situated in Rio Arriba which means that there will be lots of adventures for you like hiking, Camping, Trekking and a lot more. In just a 10-minute drive, you will be able to reach the town of Tierra Amarilla where there is a school, a spa and a lot more. You can likewise travel to different towns or cities as there is access from the property. Likewise, it is okay for you to build a homesite or put up an RV in this great raw land. Seller available at 847-899-4938.

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