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Billings MLS (BAR)
Absarokee, Acton, Ballantine, Bearcreek, Belfry, Big Timber, Billings, Boyd, Bridger, Broadview, Columbus, Custer, Edgar, Fishtail, Fort Smith, Fox, Fromberg, Hardin, Harlowton, Huntley, Hysham, Joliet, Laurel, Lavina, Lewistown, Lodge Grass, Martinsdale, Melstone, Nye, Park City, Pompeys Pillar, Red Lodge, Roberts, Rockvale, Roscoe, Roundup, Ryegate, Shawmut, Shepherd, Silesia, Worden


Missoula MLS (MCAR)

Missoula, Bonner, Clinton, Hall, Libby, Stevensville, Superior, Swan Valley, Thompson Falls, Trout Creek, Victor, St Regis, Whitefish, Plains, Phosphate

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Don’t get tricked into cancelling by Traditional Full Service Realtors(R)
One of my goals with the blog is to be able to write about topics that help real people make real decisions. In doing so, this can ruffle feathers on occasion but I’m hopeful that putting real information out there will help sellers in the future. Today I had a phone call from a past […]

Recently, Inman posted an article detailing the risk of selling by yourself. While I typically enjoy the Inman website, the article below falls under the category of scare tactics. It’s a common tactic used by Realtors who are terrified the marketplace is changing. First, a link to the article: https://www.inman.com/2017/07/26/8-things-homesellers-risk-when-they-sell-without-a-real-estate-agent/ Now, let’s take a look […]

Do Congress Realty Listings Sell?
DFWSOLD Short Answer – Yes Long Answer – The most common tactic used by a Realtor trying to take 6% of your equity is to make the claim that “discount listings do not sell”… “No one will show them”… etc… The problem with this statement is that the MLS tracks sold data… and very very […]

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