Flat Fee MLS Listing in Alaska, Arizona, California, Idaho, Louisiana,
Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas, Utah and Washington

Billings MLS (BAR)
Absarokee, Acton, Ballantine, Bearcreek, Belfry, Big Timber, Billings, Boyd, Bridger, Broadview, Columbus, Custer, Edgar, Fishtail, Fort Smith, Fox, Fromberg, Hardin, Harlowton, Huntley, Hysham, Joliet, Laurel, Lavina, Lewistown, Lodge Grass, Martinsdale, Melstone, Nye, Park City, Pompeys Pillar, Red Lodge, Roberts, Rockvale, Roscoe, Roundup, Ryegate, Shawmut, Shepherd, Silesia, Worden


Missoula MLS (MCAR)

Missoula, Bonner, Clinton, Hall, Libby, Stevensville, Superior, Swan Valley, Thompson Falls, Trout Creek, Victor, St Regis, Whitefish, Plains, Phosphate

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How does someone contact me… the seller?
# 1 question we get when people call to inquire about listing a property with Congress Realty The MLS listing has the seller phone # listed directly and instructs the other agent to call the seller directly at their phone #. It’s pretty much impossible for an agent to miss the seller phone # in […]

Zillow Rumors and Thoughts
Zillow has struggled over the years with the ability to post accurate data. In addition, Zillow has also struggled with getting updated data well after sites like Realtor.com… For example, Zillow is the last to post new listings, new price updates, etc… when compared to sites like Redfin or Realtor.com. First question… Why? Zillow doesn’t […]

E Lockboxes for White Mtn Area in Arizona now available
We recently received a shipment of WMAR lockboxes. This is the first time in years we have had these available for the White Mtn area. These are the brand new blue tooth enabled Supra boxes programmed exclusively for the WMAR MLS. (used by all traditional 6% Realtors in the area) Currently, we have E boxes […]

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