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Listed on Tuesday, June 07, 2005 (PST)
Square Ft:
1275 ft2
Las Vegas
Year Built:
Under Contract
Henderson, NV 89014

Property Type: Single Family

Listed By: Congress Realty

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Henderson under 225k
Henderson Under 225K.

1 yr Refrigerator, 1yr Washer and Dryer, New Microwave, New H2O Softener & Reverse Osmosis Purifier, New Backyard Sprinkler System, Ceiling Fans with Remote, Carpet 2 yrs old, outside lights on variable timer.

Please contact owner at 702 450 2327 or cell 253 261 1914 with all questions. Offers may be presented directly to seller but must be faxed to 702 549 2636. Son in Law and daughter occupants, Air Force Restationed, process of moving, garage sale with/ items in garage June 11.

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